By maggie74 / Wednesday 27 June 2012 04:58 / United States - Enfield
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  kyleekay  |  25

Yep, have to agree. He's not telling OP that he absolutely adores mustache rides. OP, go to a costume story, buy an old-school twirly mustache and show up at his front door. I bet you he'll be pleased. You can thank me for the amazing sex later. ;)


You included your face?! this is the number one reason they suggest you don't. either you end up with a mustache or your face plastered on the Internet. Smdh. shoulda listened

  logan1819  |  4

Pic or it didn't happen

By  cutemonsterx3  |  6

Lol i love 1 and 2's comments

  anoellem  |  1

There's a like button for that

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