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130: You're a jerk. Women have a right to their own damn bodies. If he's creepily taking pictures when she's asleep or something, that is a crazily ridiculous invasion of her privacy. Don't normalize mistreatment of women. Also: Rot in hell. To the people saying "at least it was of you", I refer you to the idea that women have a right to their bodies. If a porn star or someone wants to be giving out naked pictures, that is her right to do so. If you do NOT give consent, IT IS NOT OKAY. I would rather find porn on my boyfriend's phone than something so creepy and objectifying.


Well. I understand where you're coming from, and I sort of agree with you. It could have been from something she has done in the past, as the past always catches you. Correct? Besides, you sound like a feminist.


i was but just cause we were arguing & i was in a childish stupid mood, but i was just messing around, i do apologise though. He's pinpointing something to comment about which is abit harsh..

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