By Teddy - / Monday 26 November 2012 20:54 / United States - Gardner
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By  chveya  |  6

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  Ainarr  |  25

It's her sister.
That's why.

  assffjdhdhsh  |  2

-25 I like that haha

  zango1  |  15

1 - I agree. If you haven't been bothered to see your own sister in 6 years, whether by her choice or yours, then you don't have any moral grounds to be upset if she's a stripper.

  jelly713  |  19

Honestly, I can see why 1 said that. If OP's sister hasn't seen the family for 6 years, they clearly weren't in good terms or close at all. Probably, didn't get along as a family, not all families are tight knit. It's like why even care now if you never cared before, if they did to some degree they would have stayed in contact. It's possible OP is just ashamed to see what she does for a living rather than being concerned for her safety or else he'd have tried to find/contact her. Unless of course the sister wanted nothing to do with family.

  aplexis  |  8

But what if you've tried to find her? Let's say your sister turned 18 and just left. You've looked for her everywhere. And finally six years you see her again. But she's shaking her stuff for random guys. Aren't boys supposed to be defensive and want to protect their sisters?

  jjessen  |  20

41 fucking idiot, can't you read? Nobody in his family has seen her in 6 years, it wasn't his own choice not to visit her asshole, he was completely incapable of visiting her.

  ShyAnn29  |  14

Geez 68, calm down.

  evanohevan  |  5

its funny you were at a strip club. but clearly disapprove of your sister being a stripper. do you think the other strippers have no families? to each his own OP. your sister makes her own decisions as do we all. and we live with the consequences. good or bad

  rachelphillie  |  1

101- he never said he was disappointed that his sister was a sister or thought that she had made a bad life decision. Maybe it was just awkward to see his sister almost naked and acting sexy ...

  wallandpiece  |  16

I think the very fact that this is an FML shows that he was disappointed in his sister for being a pole dancer. Yet he was still perfectly happy to visit a strip club and leer at the other girls doing it. Slightly ironic and hypocritical, don't you think?

  meso222  |  8

Its reasonble to like strippers but still be pissed your sister is one. As a guy we are hard wored to hate any one looking at our sisters in pretty much anyway. Its like if your GF went and became a hooker. "To each their own" no longer appllies.

By  Harpy20  |  24

Yikes! Was she at least good at it?

  Harpy20  |  24

Well there's nothing he can do about it, but I'm sure it would suck a tad less if she was good at it at least. Also, if she didn't take a guy to a private session. That too.

  Harpy20  |  24

Wow you guys suck the humor out of everything.

  Harpy20  |  24

Sen3s, you've been trailing behind me on almost all of my recent comments. I don't think you understand what 'dry' humor is. However, thank you for the hate. Keeps things interesting.

  sens3sfailing  |  24

135- Well I couldn't care less if I entertain you or not, this isn't dry humor. Dry humor is anti-joke chicken memes. Your comments aren't funny by taking things in a serious way, your humor is not being funny.

  honeybadgerr  |  9

Sioux.. I know this is extremely off topic.. but are you a fan if the fighting Sioux by any chance?

By  KelseyDaBoyz  |  21

Looks like you won't be seeing her any longer..

By  Cleo88  |  6

At least you didn't request a lap dance and then got her!

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