By ronboy / Monday 26 November 2012 23:11 / United States - Columbus
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By  Sl1mShad3y  |  9

Damn bro. That's a big legal mess. Just walk next time lol.

  CallMeMcFeelii  |  13

If he would have have walked it would have been considered drunk in public. I think taking a cab was his only option without getting arrested. At least he didn't drive home.

  Carmstro  |  13

Walking can be dangerous too, depending on the level of drunkenness. When you drive drunk, you're a hazard to everyone around you, when you walk drunk, everything else is a hazard to you. :p


That's not something to joke about..

  Harpy20  |  24

Well if a male voice screams 'rape' in a crowd of dudes, everything will stop. With that much testosterone around, no guy wants to be accused of raping another dude.

  doodlecloud  |  26

57 -vRape isn't really something to joke about but if used in this instance it wouldn't be a 'joke' like some tweens shouting it for lols at a mall, it would be a legitimate self-defence strategy. There is a difference.

By  vuragado  |  10

Well, that escalatad quickly!

  P374RD3D  |  9

*Boy, that *escalated quickly.


Where have you been? ^ :)

  hannaaaahr  |  33

same with smoking, even if the fml would be: 'today, while I was smoking, someone jumped up and killed my dog' people would vote ydi because, apparently, doing something that's bad for your health should be rewarded with a dead dog.

By  andrew6p  |  19

Getting drunk is fun but not when it makes you lose control! Good luck op

By  iseyixes  |  18

Uh maybe you should've called a friend.

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