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I don't think she was fishing for compliments. I think she was just making a happy remark. Kind of like.... If I were to say "Heh, that kid thinks I'm smart." I'm not looking for someone to validate the claim, I'm just thinking out loud to another person. If she were fishing for compliments she would have said instead something like "Am I cute? Your aunt thinks so."


why would you try and prove yourself to him, you are already dating him, stop fishing for complements.


hahah that's funny I really hope you just posted this fml so we can all just have a good laugh about it, including you. If you actually took offense to that then you're pretty stupid, need to get a sense of humor and try to better your self-esteem. Me and my ex used to throw random insults at each other as a joke all the time but in the end we both just laughed about it.

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HAHAHAHAHA!! but really that kinda sucks...but he sounds like an ass, thats if he wasnt joking....but if he was please get over it

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