By Impressionist - / Thursday 25 August 2016 11:17 / United Kingdom
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By  glorktheaburger  |  14

what the fuck does this mean

By  glorktheaburger  |  14

what the fuck does this mean


Did you do this after paying the vet bill for your dog eating your jaffa cakes?

  One_In_Three  |  24

#7, how is that relevant to the FML?

  JackFaire  |  18

The funny thing is I read your explanation and was like "well yeah of course doesn't everyone know that?" Then I remembered oh right I live in America and not everyone reads/watches as many british books and tv shows as I do.

By  Tripartita  |  44

I can invasion your plight being adapted for film…

(Camera pans down, pulling focus through the rain and setting the silhouetted OP center frame. Dramatic music rises in volume.)

(OP, struggling, loses a slipper and falls down:)


(Lands with a slowmo thud accompanied by percussion.)

OP: "Bins! Bins, you gotta go on without me! GO! NOW!"

Bins: ""

OP: "Oh, right. You're just bins."

  dudewho  |  8

down voted because its just too lobg of a comment tbh

By  StormfrontX33_fml  |  24

It sucks to be rubbish at taking out rubbish. While the sequence of events that ensued were unfortunate, it was definitely your fault for not taking out the bin beforehand.

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