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I would help. It's called not being rude by standing by and laughing. Besides, would you rather chase a dog around by yourself to get your underwear, or get it done in half the time with two people.


It's called "Yakkity Sax" by Boots Randolph. If you are an amateur filmmaker, you need to have a copy on hand to spice up your projects. I use it for all my amateur porn loops. ;)

By  saIty

It's too late, your underwear is probably torn and wet from your dog. I suggest going to K-mart and buying some Power Ranger undies.


Wow Jreffine... The amount of common sense you possess massive. Seriously OP do some laundry. Much less difficult than idiotically chasing your dog around. Probably could have been done by the time you were finished doing that and QQing to the world.

Easily fixed. Get the hose on to the dog, so it knows that eating undies is bad... Then turn the hose on the neighbours, so they know laughing at you is bad.

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