Today, I'm so broke that I had to get a refund for my unopened hummus, just so I'd be able to afford the bus fare to get to work tomorrow. FML

By Sarcasmo / Tuesday 12 July 2016 20:04 / United States - Madison
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I'm sorry, OP. I'm sure your sacrifice will work in your favour though. Maybe when you get paid, you will be able to treat yourself to all the hummus you want


Seeing as how fallout is also from Wisconsin I'm not understanding your xenophobia comment. I'm sorry Op is suffering financially but hot damn a jokes a joke


Also from Wisconsin, and brat jokes are not xenophobic. Pointing out that people do, say, or eat different things in different locations is not xenophobia. Calm down and actually enjoy diversity for a change.

Okay, I have to be the one that calls BS here, because stores would not accept returned perishables, on the mere fact that they may be spoiled or old and you're trying to scam them.


You are aware that there are people who need it just to survive? Or cannot work at all? Or is short on money even with a job? People like you forget the legitimate uses for it.


You mean like Politicians and government agencies? I don't know if you live in the U.S. but there is a lot of wasteful spending by the U.S. government and our politicians with U.S. taxpayers money. But you're okay with that? Those people who get government or public assistance whether they deserve it or not does not compare to what our politicians make and spend.

Life may suck now, but it will get better over time. Learn to budget a little bit more, stop spending on unnecessary things. If your work place is close to home, try walking or cycling it. Every little helps! Until then try asking for help from family or close friends ( but don't rely on them all the time).

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