By Username / Friday 1 July 2011 21:47 / United States
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  OWNZ  |  0

I sure hope they get a "Payday" soon! maybe even a "hundred grand"! I would travel all the way to the "Milky Way" for "Mounds" of money!

and if u didnt get that u fail....

  maddie2015  |  0

WTF is your problem. not appropriate.

  GrahamAker  |  3

I hate how people look down on people just get a job. If It was so easy honey everyone would be working and people won't be going hungry. But it doesn't work like that.


hmm BROKE + CANDY= lazy obese american with no job.

By  hunterhound  |  0

become a prostitute

  maddie2015  |  0

seriously? that's not even funny at all. you don't say that to someone. wht the hell, it's illegal moron.

By  bomber23  |  0

just steal it

By  regsworld11  |  2

At least you bought it! But that is pretty sad!

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