By notthatkinkyanyway / Sunday 13 November 2011 12:46 / China
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  M0TTO  |  6

I don't know why everyones complaining about 1. His comment actually goes with the FML.
Back on topic, it probably wasn't smart bringing a metal object there.

  EvilPotato  |  14

I'm sorry but there's one thing I must say. Holy shit nobody gives a fuck about that fucking chef game we are all here to laugh at peoples misery. Thank you and sorry for straying off topic.

  instnt1nfction  |  16

That's a shitty situasian

By  Savra_fml  |  17

It took 6 officers to identify what a pair of handcuffs looks like? Should have shown the first one how they are used to save time.

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