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  perdix  |  33

#1, probably not. Workers' rights have been on the decline since Reagan crushed the air traffic controllers. The OP should be happy if the boss doesn't dock his paycheck for the cost of tissues used and excess toilet flushes.

  Anai08  |  33

Even if this isn't illegal, it makes no logical sense for a company to make employees come in when afflicted with highly contagious infections. Now, when it spreads to his coworkers, several worker's productivity is severely impacted/lost for a week+, versus the two or three days of lost work from just OP. OP's boss is an idiot, but I'm sure the HR department would see things differently. I would recommend calling them OP (or anyone else ever in this situation).

  MuseFan1991  |  33

my fiance's job has something similar. even if it's spewing out both ends you need to go in abd the boss will judge if you're too ill to work. apparently people are taking the piss and phoning in sick too often so maybe it's something similar. although it's stupid to make OP stay in

  ty4nier  |  33

#18, it's actually illegal in every single way. Those are highly contagious and can sit in the office therefore infecting it. It's now a health hazard and the office can be shut down entirely.

  Caitie_kid  |  33

Yeah, that's freaking gross and pink eye is very contagious, not to mention his stomach bug! Gross. I hate it when people go to work sick, especially if the general population has to be around or touch items that you've contaminated.

  Cupcake040  |  28

My thought was to rub her eyes then go into his office and touch things so that the virus is then one him and maybe hell touch his eyes and infect himself with pink eye...... Maybe i just have an evil side but that would be my plan.....

  Enslaved  |  40

I've had pink eye a few times. Other than my eye feeling like it had sand in it, it wasn't that big of a deal. I stayed home only because I didn't want my co-workers to get it. I have the feeling the boss wouldn't care if "he spread it". Now that stomach virus? That might sway him to think different. I'd hate to have that and deal with public restrooms. :P

By  that_band_nerd  |  26

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  Cupcake040  |  26

Don't use being part Canadian as a reason for your apology.....I wouldn't have apologized and when I walk down the street I don't hear "sorry eh!?" stop trying to assume stereotypes as reasoning. Like blondes making mistakes....when they say "ohhh sorry its cause I'am blonde" you'd look at them in a stupid way cause of their excuse

  DWordHead16  |  42

I know this post is kinda old but I had pink eye before, and it was extremely hard for me to see. Everyone looked like shadows with random colors. I could barely recognize anything. I mostly had to go by the sound of everyone's voice. But I guess not everyone gets that bad?? OP's boss should have let him go. Before the pink eye got worse, perhaps?

  perdix  |  37

#15, here's one way: Get face to face with your boss. When he asks why you are so close, grab his dick, and when he opens his mouth in shock, latch on like a Lamprey Eel and plunge your tongue as deep as you can into his mouth. By the time he collects himself, you will have transmitted enough virus to get him thoroughly sick. Sounds like a plan? You're welcome :D

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