By it_IS_just_me - / Sunday 17 July 2011 04:20 / United States
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By  godlybacon  |  3

Oh wow. At least it'll be kinda funny listening to the sketches. :3

  Cryingraven  |  1

Uh Oh, Grammar Notzi

  whatsittuya  |  2

I thought it was twitter?

  zolziski  |  11

I see how that could seem a bit contradictory, but when you're on your iPhone it's a lot less effort to simply type that you couldn't be bothered to Google something than to leave FML, open your browser, go to Google, type in your search, find your answer, return to FML, hope you'll still be in the right spot and then reply. I didn't see it being worth the effort. Clearly I'm not feeling as lazy today, else I wouldn't be replying at all.

Ps. To the people thumbing me down: Clearly you are not fans of Jeff Dunham and/or Walter, else you'd see past the (evidently annoying) misspelling of Shamuu and following ps and recognize the punchline of one of the funniest jokes ever. WWJD indeed...

By  Ranimal  |  12

YDI for googling him. Creepo? Can't cut the strings?

  DjeePee  |  24

Oh, come on, that doesn't make any sense. She would be a creep if she googled his name daily, now she was just curious about what happened to him in all those years. Curiosity is normal, even if it can kill the cat.


Excuse me, but I think it's wrong to say curiosity killed the cat. If it wasn't for curiosity, we wouldn't have evolved very much! The greatest discoveries were made by the curiosity of the greatest minds!
Ignorance killed the cat, curiosity was framed.

....and there's nothing wrong with Googling old flames... I still check up on Jesse Grass sometimes... Just to see how his environmentalist group is doing... Hehe.. That's all...

By  Lisa_Simpson_fml  |  5

Is he as funny as Krusty?
He makes a good clown for us kids, and gave us Itchy and Scratchy, but he's not a very good stand-up comic..

But stand-up comedy greatly exaggerates situations for amusement, and often involves self-deprecation, maybe he talks about his own short-comings, as well.

  Jacobt24  |  19

I would think that with an IQ of 156 you would know, but then again you're too busy reading books and playing your saxophone pissing off Homer to get out much


IQ measures intelligence, not knowledge. A baby can have a high IQ, as Maggie proved when she cheated on her IQ test.

And I don't anger my father, almost never happens.

Now go back to your cave, harassing 8 year olds with false information is bad trolling.

  ryanst  |  7

You know, if you were really into character, you wouldn't say "Maggie cheated" you would say "My baby sister Maggie cheated," since the real Lisa wouldn't know or assume everyone knows her family and locals.

Just saying.


maggie cheating on the IQ test didn't prove that babies can have high IQs, it proved that babies can cheat on tests ( she has also proved babies can shoot old men and scale tall buildings... I don't think she's a normal baby though. she also can't talk, even after twenty some years.)

  liquidfireKAN  |  0

Actually 45, she was talking the Jacob who had mentioned Homer. Thus meaning he did indeed know the family. Therefore she knew that Jacob would know that Maggie was her litter sister. You also mentioned how she talk like the character which means that you've obviously watched the show. Which means that you do know the family. lol

  ryanst  |  7

77-Yes, but in some of her other comments she mentions Cletus and Krusty without explaining who they are. I was just giving advice on how to better be into character, since she obviously is basing her comments entirely on her knowledge of the Simpsons. I do find her comments annoying and not very funny though. But that's probably because I've watched every episode of the Simpsons like 10 times.

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