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Not really - if you have a bad back, it tends to be sensitive to violent movement. When I sneeze, it feels like someone's stch a knife in my back. FYL, OP - hope that sneeze clears up soon.

Sounds like a lot of people were talking about you or you sneezed and stepped on a crack :O the old superstitions aren't infamous for nothing you know.

Good thing you sneezed! I was listening to the news and there was a man who held in a sneeze, broke a rib and almost punctured a lung. Sneezes travel at around 100 mph so better out than in though I'm sorry you threw out your back.

By  jw90

I don't know how one can sneeze so hard they hurt themselves, but then again I've sneezed so hard I've given myself a bloody nose. So guess it's possible. Sorry to hear that OP.

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