By Anonymous / Wednesday 4 December 2013 20:25 / United States - Houston
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By  abcdog123  |  16

never heard of locks?

  Kyuzomi  |  12

People don't usually lock their change of clothes in lockers. I usually just change and leave it in a bag in the locker room assuming no one will steal it.

  EmberEyes  |  16

31 it's not asking for it, it's called trusting your team mates. You wouldn't expect someone on your team to steal your clothes. The fact that one of OP's team mates was is rude and despicable. Of course that's society.

By  karlcolt45  |  19

maybe she has the same initials haha perhaps you've found a true friend as well as a scrupulous thief

By  sonywebbie  |  6


  lilhellian  |  26

Really, thousands in court cost over a $5 sweater. Pretty sure the minimum limit is $25 anyway.

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