By Anonymous / Monday 25 May 2015 16:10 / Canada - Toronto
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By  FedoraGuy  |  15

Did this party happen to involve any alcohol? Just curious.

  pooldude  |  24

that was my first thought after reading the FML.


Wow, you must have some pretty crazy parties if you find a fish tank filled with many different species of fish in your freezer every time.

By  marcranger  |  28

I didn't know a fish tank big enough to hold several species could fit in a freezer. Thanks for the physics lesson, OP!

By  boboates  |  17

What a fishy situation

  pooldude  |  24

no god no! i knew there would be this god awful pun in the comments! so predictable! n BTW the pun doesn't even fit right in this situation!

By  danthehuman  |  29

They just didn't want the fishies to die, I guess.

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