By Anonymous - / Wednesday 4 December 2013 21:15 / Sweden - Uppsala
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  Odis12  |  11

Mental disability means they can't help it. I haven't met many mentally disabled people who are downright dicks. Now some do take advantage of their disability, but this guy just sounds like another prick.

  Kyuzomi  |  12

If the judge and a lot of people witness his client yell fuck you at the judge, they can probably put two and two together, saying his client was the idiot not him. But then again the people who weren't there to witness that happen might think otherwise.

  slooby_fml  |  25

This kind of thing probably gets into some sort of news outlet. I'm willing to bet many people will hear about it some way and not blame OP for his idiot client's actions


Today, my boss forgot her meeting with an official from the military base and called to ask me to handle it. The very cute Marine showed up that afternoon and we talked for an hour. After he left, I realized I had forgotten about the paper mustache I taped to my face for fun that morning. FML

By Jaeda - / Thursday 12 March 2009 20:04 / United States
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