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the Japanese should stop wasting their time with dancing robots and make a rat catching robot.


What do you think OP should have done? Go all Terminator on the wall and blast a few holes through it seeking out the wild rats with some sort of infrared/heat/night vision goggles?


well I would have used my scar with FMJ I'd probably use red dot sight too. use a tactical insertion where they can reach just in case one of em gets me. I know exactly what you're thinking. why not just throw a grenade or use the rocket launcher and get it over-with? no. I want to look each of them in the eye before I put a bullet through em. and the last one I'll knife. just for fun.

I'm sorry, did you say the animal gnawing at your crotch all night was really a wild Courtney Love and her whole family of pubic crabs?


Really? wow, I'm glad I have cats.(: My in-laws stay in the habit of keeping cereal and bread in the refrigerator because they grow up in New York. (Big rat problem there!)

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