By Allergic - / Tuesday 24 January 2012 17:31 / United States
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4- you're saying that like OP will actually respond to you...

  himoonkey  |  8

Op might actually not have an account.


In all honesty my comment was more of a smartass joke, so don't take it seriously, 98. And so you know, I've talked to many german people who will say what, not vut. But I guess your explanation makes sense too.

By  LexSwift  |  17

Take her out to eat pufferfish. It literally slightly poisons you and makes you feel light headed. Give her a taste of her own medicine. :)

By  Jakesterk96  |  8

U have no idea what you're missing.

  xStaciexLynnx  |  15

38- Did someone ask or do you always give random definitions?

  ClassyCommando  |  13

Two words: sentence fragment

[Hypocritical Grammar Nazi]

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