By firebombtimEFUCKERS - / Saturday 29 September 2012 16:32 / United States
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  yoyoforpeace  |  14

I'm 17 and I understood this fml too.

  PinkieKeen  |  20

41 - your a complete DUMBASS. OP has been restless for THREE nights, and you think the neighbors should be on FML?

  Clioo_fml  |  17

42, I never said OP wasn't suffering. But before you call me a dumbass, read the Post again. It was the NEIGHBORS' car that got broken into, even after all the money they spent to prevent that exact thing from happening!

By  IAmAGinger  |  7

Well, at least you got some sleep? Sorry, that really stinks. :/ (I know, typical comment. Sorry, fellow commenters.)


That's Wut I did when my college roommate would stay up till five o clock in the morning with the lights on and I had class at 8 I just bought a mask it worked great couldn't see a thing!

By  Baustigt  |  40

Well the only logical solution to this is of course revenge, OP. Install stadium floodlights on your roof then sit back and bask in your own glory. You still won't be able to sleep, but this way no-one else will either. Everybody wins! Well... except... yeah.


Maybe tell your neighbors to get motion sensitive lights that come on when they sense motion.. That's what we have.. It's a waste of electricity and sleep to keep the lights on all night

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