By taydean / Thursday 26 May 2011 21:31 / United States
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  muhaidib  |  2

you deserved it for having a fat ass by eating fast food...

  borkchop1992  |  15

crack baby basketball- random

  mmmskittles  |  3

carrot halva

  Volcano47  |  0

it takes skill to fall on a flat surface:)

  JohannMedina  |  0

I bet the Spartans from 300 got pissed at you for copying them and made you fall like the Persian messanger.

By  krazyvato  |  0

you deserved it for spelling smart wrung stupit lil Wayne was hurr shout out to my homies

By  jennifer93  |  0

the whole yelling of "this is Sparta" is really pointless in this FML...

  jennifer93  |  0

haha I'm just saying, the embarrassing part was her falling, so what she said while doing so is kind of unimportant

  KiddNYC1O  |  20

Yeah but if op left that part out, the comments section would be filled with "Why'd you kick the door?" or similar questions. I see your point though.

Have you seen 300?

  jennifer93  |  0

true true and no I haven't

  AcidRaen  |  4

um no its not pointless. it gives us a laugh and a more interesting story, rather than "today when leaving wendy's i kicked the door and fell" yes thats funny but less interesting

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