By Geez - / Monday 19 October 2009 17:02 / Netherlands
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By  alex_mu  |  0

yeah YDI for having a small rod

  CableX17  |  0

lol, my thoughts xactly when I read this

  Lqum26  |  0

I'm pretty sure it's not his fault for having a tiny penis, it's because of his parents. It's not like we water and fertilize our genitals to make them bigger. I don't see how he deserves it.

  Sulphuric_Glue  |  16

How exactly is it anyone's fault if they have a small penis? The vast majority of us don't want to undergo very expensive, possibly dangerous surgery which comes out looking faker than silicone boobs.

By  kagome43210  |  0

baby penis

By  xxBAMFxx  |  0

Sucks having a smaller than average dick. I'm just glad I'm larger than average. :P by the way WHERE THE FUCK IS PLEXICO!!!


Today, while working security at my job, for the second time, a man with Down's Syndrome entered the store, went to one of the demo computers, opened YouTube, pulled up a video of oiled women wrestling and jerked off. There is no protocol in the handbook for how to deal with this scenario. FML

By Bishop423 - / Wednesday 22 July 2015 04:21 / United States - San Francisco
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