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Today, I'm an intern working in a company's reception area, which happens to have a coffee dispenser. As I'm the new girl, every client getting coffee wants to buy me one. I'm too polite to say no. It's 10:26 AM, and I'm on cup #17. FML

By chloe_zjk - / Wednesday 18 February 2015 05:22 / France
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  bahamit  |  18

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  musoboy  |  22

#143 That's correct. Fry's "superspeed" moment was really just the pleasant, delirious experience you get when your body has given up and is preparing you for death.

By  howsthisforaname  |  34

Let them buy you coffee then discreetly don't drink it.

  drugsRfun  |  13

YDI. Learn to say no to others in a polite manner.

  bsums203  |  13

At this point she is being wasteful and #17 cups of coffee cant be healthy for you. Its just as polite to decline as well as accept as they wouldn't be wasting their money when she has had an unhealthy level of coffee.

  JKPwnage  |  25

insert "17 cups of"

  doodlecloud  |  26

25 - To be fair, coffee in France is TINY. It's probably only a few large American coffees. Still obviously not great for you though, especially when OP has the rest of the day left.

By  immaMonsta  |  8

Why can't you just show them the mountain of coffee you already have? Even if you're too polite to say "No, thank you", I'm sure they'll get the idea if you showed them that. Of course, assuming that they can see the sheer amount of coffee you've been given.

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