By Anonymous / Tuesday 30 April 2013 18:24 / United States - Pompton Plains
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  wlddog  |  14

Someone got to sing the "doesn't matter had sex" song.
Course, now you have to start using the trap door in the suit to go potty, but at least now you know what she likes.
Most guys just have to guess over and over until they either give up or discover what she wants.


30 If it comes in the form of a pink bunny and you're forced to put it on and parade around the house in front of your family on Christmas while your little brother laughs hysterically.

  fdupagain  |  11

They are not onsies. Onsies have no legs. They can be long sleeved or short sleeved and button at the crotch. These are as the OP stated... footed pajamas.

  EVnIAS  |  13

so number #35 I know you never visited those websites but what porn would you recommend? if you... you know... would actually like that stuff...


Sorry OP. I think this is her way of asking for a baby.

  AwkGirl  |  9

It is. It's called infantilism: a fetish where one of you pretends to be at baby or very young child (which could turn into a daddy/mommy kink) which can go as far as you want.

By  jezmonster7  |  7

Wow she sounds like a real snooze...

  NoDontKillMe  |  19

^ That's why you gotta mess with the system, like I do. When my teachers at school tell me to write down notes and stop talking, I write down the notes, BUT I DON'T STOP TALKING. Awesome, right?

  DocBastard  |  38

Except that I wouldn't have said that. I'm not sure why some people seem to think that perdix and I get 100 thumbs up on all our comments. We both have been buried countless times, believe me.

  Wimoweh  |  10

Alright guys, thumb up Doc here, he's got a reputation to uphold. We need to reach a 100. We got this!

  hama806  |  19

He did I bet...as long as they weren't pink.

  whyusofat  |  17

Ignore this didnt see 43's comment

By  Ambient25  |  24

How did you let her dress you in them? Was she the man that night?

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