By scaredshitless - / Saturday 3 March 2012 13:55 / Finland
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  laynethetrain  |  0

you should've wet yourself


Your username pick is I the perfect position if you read the other guy's comment.

By  addiizcherry  |  0

Okay that is weird... I think my friend has that app!


why is everyone putting thumbs down on this comment? hes not lying!

  Snooki724  |  0

I just thumbed down cuz everyone else did

By  MiSo_Delek  |  7

Wow what a waste of an app lol

  perdix  |  29

I'll pick on her when I speak fluent Finnish.

The only Finnish I know is Suomi (from Olympic hockey), Linus Torvalds and Nokia. I'm a long way from hassling a Finn about mistakes in English ;)

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