By terdberglerforlyfe - / Sunday 7 December 2014 20:54 / Brazil - Mogi Das Cruzes
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  TheMalygos  |  21

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  R2Y2  |  21

Set the ringtone for when her parents call to something inappropriate like porn (like an audio recording). And then play the waiting game.. *presses hands together and contemplates*


Maybe she was getting remember on OP, for a long going prank war between the two siblings. I know my siblings and I did this a lot, but made it seem like we had done nothing wrong.

By  DARKDAY07  |  16

Fight this war fairly and bravely and may your pants stay dry. I recomend those little bang snaps(the ones that sell around the 4th of July that you throw and they pop) to the bottom of the toilet seat and setting to down gently. Guaranteed to scare the shit out of her

By  muis545  |  21

Put her phone in her laundry basket and put a ringtone that says, "I am watching you!" ring it just enough for her to hear it but not for her to be able to locate it easily.

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