By Notsurewhattofeelaboutthis - / Friday 7 August 2015 02:55 / Australia - Ashfield
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By  Dramori  |  29

Are you Mr Gray?

  cj75  |  18

#14 both spellings are correct

By  SadLittleTurtle  |  11

Good. If your girlfriend seems unsatisfied, the commenters might point out what you're doing wrong.

  siggy_mcsigx  |  18

No, no, no. even if (especially if) he fails in bed it is a private matter between him and then girlfriend and he does not deserve to be scrutinised by horny randomers.

(I know my thing says male but I am female, just in case anyone thought I was biased )

By  xoxoblondee  |  30

I once wrote erotica about me and the 11th doctor. His bow tie really gets me going.

By  Jowisee  |  29

Get some tips :)

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