By sothishappened - / Tuesday 20 May 2014 09:54 / United States - Joliet
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By  JennaNGood  |  21

That's disgusting. Way to ruin everyone's appetite.


Right? How many abortions have they had?!? That's a terrible thing to say to someone having gone through the trouble, been so kind, and is as resourceful as OP had been! Meanie butts is what they are...

By  lulinator  |  38

Now that's a visual I can't scrape out of my brain. I also lost my appetite, which is great since I need to lose a few. Thanks, OP! Nah, scratch that... it's cake... cake is good, even if it looks morbid.

By  ChristianH39  |  30

Epic reference, +1 for you

By  Miss_Whipped  |  41

Overused reference. -1 for the both of you.

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