By Anoymous / Sunday 9 June 2013 06:02 / United States - Burlingame
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By  chronickX  |  11

How was the cake?

  rg350dx  |  29

I'm betting it was that dead baby looking cake, featured on Tosh.0

  chowE_fml  |  4

"Dead baby looking cake" ..dude I laughed so hard

  Pesticides  |  19

yeah, was it shaped like a fetus?

  wardo  |  4

Hehe all these FML community losers downvote you but don't worry, the people that understand your joke appreciate it!
*Prepares for the hoardes of downvotes*

  Fedezzer  |  20

The majority of those on FML are either oddly sensitive or just mentally defective. Sometimes they just don't know how to simply move the mouse away, and think: "do I really think this is bad? Or am I just ignorant?"

  rg350dx  |  29

The mailman. Because he keeps knocking on the fucking door when he doesn't have to and it just riles the dog up and she won't stop barking. It's beyond annoying.

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