By Anonymous - / Tuesday 13 September 2011 06:05 / United States
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You deserve it!! Cats have no right to privacy!

  hurrican_fml  |  0

51 I mean really!
I hope a cat walks in on you and doesn't apologize!
Oh and p.s.
Haha you live in hell!


My cat knows how to use the litter box but when's he's mad at me he does it on my bed an it's like he waits for me to enter the room and I'm like WHY?!? D,: and he gives me that stare You know why" lmao

  xCycloNiCCx  |  0

How is that perverted? That's just a dumb comment

  mrosew442  |  10

yes, the cat opened it's mouth and said words, right after the dolphin did the hula.

  Wdgames  |  0

Exactly, first of all, he didn't stand there and watch, which would be creepy. Second, cats, dogs and many other pets do react positively to your voice. So even if your cat doesn't understand you, saying a few words around it every now and then is nothing strange.

By  brianjman14  |  22


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