FML - The follow-up

Today, I called to see if my bridesmaid's dress was ready. They told me it had already been picked up, the bride's mom picked up the dress and got rid of it because she doesn't want me in the wedding. FML

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Hi! I'm the OP. I did pay for the dress, and after talking to the store they are replacing he dress free of charge. Apparently this has happened several times. You would think that they would start making sure you're the person supposed to be picking up the dress. The bride has apologized for her mom. (I think the mom should apologize not the bride) Right now she's not talking to her mom. As for why she doesn't like me, I have no idea. She's always been so nice to me until this incident. Luckil
By buttercup92 / Monday 14 March 2016 01:41 / United States - San Antonio
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My phone is a piece of shit. What I was trying to say was, the entire dress process (picking the style, color, designer, etc) is done several weeks, even months before the actual wedding day. So when the dress arrives you can make the final touches if it needs to be done.

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