By Js2cool / Tuesday 29 September 2015 02:32 / United States - Fitchburg
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  buddy_J  |  16

Even if it's a covered box 1: they usually make some noise in the litter box. 2: did they not notice the cat wasn't around in its usual spots? I would check first


Whenever we had the boxes with a cover we would still have to take off the top to change it so we could put litter back in the box. never seen one where you leave the top on. hm.

By  UhHuhHoney  |  20

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Today, my cats were making a ton of noise rolling around and fighting over their toys, and I yelled for them to knock it off. When they looked up at me, their "toy" ran away. Not a toy, but a real mouse. It's been 2 hours, and I still can't find it. FML

By drkate25 - / Tuesday 4 June 2013 16:28 / United States - Enfield
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