By dejected - / Sunday 28 February 2010 01:32 / United States
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By  cheezewhizz  |  6

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  JoshTheMaggot  |  6

@psychomerk if your givin the hugs I'll take them XD your hella pretty. but this fmls stupid toys break batteries die. she needs to get a bf the will take her to build a bear and get her a new one. hell I'll take her if she looks like u psycho hahaha

  ipts  |  6

why does evr1 get mad when people mispell words? maybe they font feel like typin the whole god [email protected] word out? and u obviously still know what theyre sayin, so stfu and stop b*tchin

  fudgenick  |  6

maybe everyone would like you more if you stopped being so self pitying as to think a stuffed animal rejected you. YOU are rejecting IT by not giving it more batteries :(

  alexd10293  |  6

Are you serious? The bear is simply broken, it is merely a stuffed bear, therefore it cannot have feelings. Having said that, I am sorry that your bear is broken.

  GeneralCha  |  6

Why would he put a bullet in his mouth? I would understand if you wanted him to shoot himself but just putting a bullet in his mouth will solve nothing =P

By  Back_In_Action  |  35

Inanimate objects can't feel, so an abstract concept like rejection from a stuffed animal is impossible. Also, I know that this might be a foreign concept to you, but your friends and family have a life outside of you. Unless this is a recurring situation, get over it.

By  gagneana000  |  16

Haha! Loser! Just kidding.... That sucks. At least it didn't grow in to a 50ft Teddy Monster and ate you. Teddy's have INCREDIABLY bad indigestion so you could have been in there for a very very very long time!

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