By PityKitty - / Tuesday 24 December 2013 16:53 /
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  Lillias_fml  |  19

Cats can be mean sometimes. If I were her and the cat would snuggle me, I wouldn't even cosider it as a FML.

  TrueStoryFolks  |  17

Did it scratch you? Cats are evil and dgaf

By  bellagirlbabe  |  10

Cats are not compassionate creatures! I'm sorry OP


Feed her I guess. Dogs will love you no matter what if you feed them.


My Cats Pretty Evil But I Still Love Her because She's Only Nice to Me ^.*

By  Carebeareatu  |  23

I'm pretty sure she'll just fake the affection until you stop fake crying and feed her again..Cats are evil..

By  greeneyebeauty9  |  28

Quit being such a pussy. Just kidding.

Really though, sorry OP. Maybe you need to get out more.

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