FML - The follow-up

Today, my boyfriend told his friends he was dating me. We've been together for a year and a half. His friends didn't even know I existed before. FML

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Yaaaaaay it got publiiiished ! :D Hi everyone, OP here =) Time for explainations ! We've been in a long distance relationship for one year and a half. So when he came to my place, I made him meet my family and friends because I was so happy to be with him, but when I came to his place, I never met anyone beside his brothers and parents (I still haven't met one of his brothers who lives far away from both my place and my bf's place). My bf lives in a small village, his friends live somewhere
By Myyrh - / Tuesday 16 June 2015 01:48 / Switzerland - Basel
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I don't really buy this. It seems to me that he's the sort of person who doesn't want others to know of his relationship so that he can still act like he's single when he's out with his friends. And the previous thing with his ex on Facebook just proves this in my opinion.

No you are not a big deal. When a man truly falls in love he'd want everyone to know. He'd be grinning from ear to ear telling his friends and family who has been making him happy or he would "casually" slip a mention of you in every conversation he has. When a man falls in love you would know. They would know. Even if he chose to only tell the most important people in his life, people around him will notice. Which is not the case of your boyfriend. He isn't just a "private"


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Don't get ahead of them.

Am I the only who thinks it's not that big a deal if his friends didn't know? I once dated a girl "lowkey" for 8 months and everything was going good. She decided to go public with our relationship and her "friends" started telling her all sorts of nonsense about me which weren't true. Eventually she broke up with me. Days later she came back asking me to take her back and that she had made a mistake. I didn't. Imo, lowkey relationships seem to last longer.


I agree to an extent. In my last relationship, I told everyone I had a boyfriend because I was so proud to call him mine. I found out though he didn't like telling people I was his girlfriend because he was embarrassed of me :/. So if the agreement isn't low key, something is wrong. Esp if he didn't want her to meet his friends


I see where you're comming from and that makes sense if you both agree its low key. I get the impression from OP that wasnt the case for her. Which is a red flag. Been there myself.

Don't listen to all the comments that are going say "you mean ex-boyfriend" a good relationship is built on trust and communication. I'm sure that you two can talk it through. Good luck OP

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