By ThatSped - / Thursday 18 February 2016 03:22 / Canada - Moncton
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Depends who is saying it. I know several people, who like high maintenance SOs for various reasons, and often feel that high maintenance SOs are a bragging point. Personally, I prefer (both for myself and my SO) high maintenance, but self maintaining (aka, likes to put a lot of work into themselves, but doesn't expect other to do it for them).


Being high maintenance is NOT ever a complement. Being high maintenance does not mean taking care of yourself, or putting time into his you look. It means having to put a lot of effort into keeping said person happy such as more complements than usual, more expensive gifts, more dramatic, ect...


It is an option for OP to just STFU, find the nearest empty corner, and cry in it instead of arguing. That would also further their suspicions, however. OP can't win, really.

If it was a rather calm and civil debate, and they all agree with the other girl, combined with the fact that you've complained about it on here, seems to ring true to me.

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