By gmian - / Sunday 6 December 2015 05:06 / United States - Amherst
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By  Emmamazing  |  26

Haha. Fail!

  oiler  |  21

You seem like the type of person who presses YDI for everything.

By  Aadavis94  |  25

That's quite shitty.

By  tzuri4  |  11

Did u pee or poop?

  whysobeachy  |  37

How is that relevant? OP had already flushed, so it really doesn't matter.

  cheeeksss  |  29

Please show me where in the FML did OP say that they had already flushed. Because I assume the FML part was that the flush was unsuccessful and thus sticking their foot into their own waste.

By  Scarylizard1798  |  23

I guess u could call that a... Shitty situation XD

  doodlecloud  |  26

People use their feet in an effort not to catch germs. It's quite common I think. Of course it just makes the handle even dirtier for the rest of us that are trying to use our hands...but I guess they only care about themselves.

  Mauskau  |  35

I grab some toilet paper, flush with it and throw it in the toilet as it starts to flush. Most of our flushers here are push buttons so using your foot wouldn't work unless you had toddler sized feet.

  ezrajab  |  22

You mean read

By  The_Avatar  |  22

Hey it could've been your face instead of your foot in the toilet

  cheeeksss  |  29

It just wasn't funny and made no logical sense. I have never been tempted to flush a toilet with my face, risking the fact my face could end up in the bowl.

  okayyy01  |  10

His statement does make since. In the act of falling he could have slipped and hit his head on the toilet. there is absolutely nothing wrong with what he said. he was just looking at the bright side.

  ApologyKick  |  25

I think the "bright side" in a situation like this would have been recovering from the loss of balance with two feet on the floor. Simply having your foot stuck into the toilet rather than your head is more like the faintly glowing side.

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