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Actually 13 why don't YOU grow up. This is FML! Not everything is going to be rainbows and candy-canes! If it was, the FMyLife part wouldn't exist.... Calm the fuck down or go somewhere else.


Hopefully as he was walking in, you warned him and let him know you were going to get a plunger or find a janitor or something. Even if you weren't. Of course if you said that, you'd have to. But...yeah.


Yeah because that's sooo embarrassing.... And gross.. So your boss would associate you with "gross" and you definitely don't want that!!! Damnnnn FYL

Hahahah My brother once took a shit on a cruise and it was clogged the rest of the time. He lied to the guy waitin' in line ;] Hahah its not that bad- try not lyin'- but "stretchin' the truth" Hahah props on big shits

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