*buys case of Listerine*

By Sick Guy - / Saturday 24 March 2018 20:30 / United States - Boynton Beach
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  Allie614032  |  30

Evidently I meant clean of piss or shit. As in, recently flushed. I also mentioned to brush OP's teeth extra well in case of remnants in the toilet since it is, obviously, a toilet. I figured the other commenters on here would have the intelligence level to deduce the meaning behind my statement.

By  Lobby_Bee  |  15

Toilet water is the same water you can drink from the tap, that's one less thing to worry about. As for how clean was the bowl before this happened, that's a whole different matter.


Today, while I was lifeguarding a swim meet with over 100 patrons, a duck paid a visit to our pool. He sat down and a brown cloud surfaced in the water. He immediately flew off. My manager then made me put goggles on and scoop out the poop while everyone watched. FML

By 1sasafras1 / Friday 17 June 2016 04:01 / United States - Jonesborough
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