By RevolutionLove / Friday 10 December 2010 17:09 / United States
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By  whoareyou13  |  0

You didn't have to agree to it if you were uncomfortable. No doctor has the right to force a patient against their will. All you had to do was politely refuse. End of story.

  Bobissmall  |  13

Exactly. But i'm thinking YDI, when i went to the doctors i was told they had a trainee in, and asked if i was OK. I said yes as it was only for an ear infection ofc. But still, surely you had the same option? If not FYL.

You didnt give enough info to decide OP ...

  mamamiaaa_fml  |  12

I'm sure you had an option. Even if he didn't offer it you could have oh I don't know used your mouth to well say you felt uncomfortable and to get those people out. you don't deserve to complain when you could have fixed this so easily. YDI.

By  LFAM_fml  |  0

haha sux 4 u

By  hotdogcore  |  9

I'm fairly sure that in this situation, a consent form must be signed, or you have to give verbal consent before they bring in students of any kind.

If they didn't ask, you should have told them straight out that you were not comfortable with it, and asked them to leave.

YDI for not speaking up for yourself, and if you did have to give consent, I don't know why you're complaining about anything.

Just remember, those students one day will be doctors. Would you rather they just did things based off charts?

  KaySL  |  24

When the hell did the OP even say it was an unexpected surprise? Her FML is over how long it took and the embarrassing shit from the gynecologist. Jesus, please just exercise some logic and analytical skills.

  hotdogcore  |  9

Like I said, if it was consented to, then there is no reason for an FML to be posted.
If you're too embarrassed for something like this, then you shouldn't have consented in the first place.

Please, try reading before you post a response back.

  KaySL  |  24

Sorry, I stopped reading when I realised you obviously either never read the commenting rules of FML, or blatantly ignored them. Whichever it is, you're obviously a bit of a retard.

  hotdogcore  |  9

I didn't post anything that was against the rules. I simply stated that if there was a consent form signed, I personally don't understand why it's an FML.
If there wasn't one signed, then the person should have said something right then and there about their comfort level.

I did not say the person shouldn't have posted, only that I didn't understand why they felt this way after the very likely event that they consented to the students being there in the first place.

As was said previously by someone else, the person who posted really didn't give enough information to judge properly.

Also, I think it's hilarious that the commenting rules state you can't say in a post whether or not something is "FML worthy." Even though that's not what I did, I feel I need to point out that telling someone they "deserved it" is telling them that what they are saying is not fml worthy because they caused the situation themselves.
It's hypocritical to have a "you deserved it" option, and then to say calling someone out in a comment is violating the rules.

By  whoareyou13  |  0

You didn't have to agree to it if you were uncomfortable. No doctor has the right to force a patient against their will. All you had to do was politely refuse. End of story.

By  pizzle012345  |  0

If i was one of the male students I wouldve cum in front of everyone ( only if u wer hot)

  banana_buddy  |  6

LMAO pizzle omg that's exactly what I was thinking!!! Great minds think alike =))) You deserve 10 thumbs up not down, idk wtf these morons are thumbing down ur comment for.


Mr. banana-
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