By stickyservice - / Saturday 26 April 2014 01:21 / United Kingdom - Solihull
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By  jazzmin1997  |  16

She has a point.

By  jazzmin1997  |  16

She has a point.

  thatgirlc  |  10

as someone who also sells food . everyone is being mislead then because you could sell something everyone says its good but 1 person who bought it and was mislead into thinking it was good

  rdenkewicz  |  11

Yeah because the store employees should totally throw the sticky toffee at the wall for product testing before they serve it to customers! It will be wall toffee but hey at least it's sticky!

By  energizerbunny23  |  18

You should have told her that just because it says sticky, doesn't mean it's sticky

By  sabrinalynn22  |  19

I lose faith in humanity more each day

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