By IrNatalie / Tuesday 2 June 2015 08:59 / United States - Laveen
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  VeganDarkLight  |  31

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  lexiieeex3  |  32

He could just be expecting the cherry sauce. It's different with pies because you should really expect to have real fruit in them but with ice cream, some people like strawberries in their strawberry ice cream and some don't. Same goes for pistachio. It's a preference and although I think one should know that all pies do in fact have their appropriate fruit in them, I can sort of see where this conclusion was drawn from.

By  RickySleeves  |  20

You must have been CHERRY surPIEsed!

I'll let myself out.

By  angelitared  |  27

She's my cherry pie
Cool drink of water such a sweet surprise
Taste so good make a grown man cry
Sweet cherry pie, yeah

  diagnosed  |  13

Really such a stupid comment? my head hurts just reading your comment

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