By Sara - / Wednesday 3 October 2012 03:33 / United States - Manassas
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By  nicole79  |  2

Customers always right? But what a bitch!

  DuRpY  |  5

I fuck my girl... . o_O . . O_O . SHE MAKES MY FOOD!!! THAT BITCH!

  DuRpY  |  5

I work at a retail store where we refer to our customers as "guests". I have drawn my own conclusions as to why that is: 1. Guests can't say they're always right. 2. Guests can overstay their welcome, at which point you can ask them to leave.

  tne201992  |  12

I work at a retail store as well. This month will be a year, since I've been working there. I have seen a lot of obnoxious, rude, immature customers. The list can go on, but my manager tries to apply that the customer is always right, but I can bring up many times that a customer was wrong.

  VBjew  |  3

Customers are often very far from right. I had a waitress ask me to get her some blue cheese for her table one time and five minutes later she comes back. The customer said we gave her honey lime dressing. I gave her the exact same thing the second time and had no complaints. Customers are stupid.

  BunchieRules  |  31

49 - This would also work: "The customer thinks they're always right, and the boss has to agree with them in order to get their money". Or something of that sort.

  unicornsbears  |  5

I work retail and no matter wat our customers r always right and there ain't nothin we can do bout it cuz they r the reason we gave a paycheck. It even say a satisfied customer made this paycheck at the bottom of our checks

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