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OP: "Oh look! There's fluffy relaxing and enjoying the sunlight! I should say good morning!" Fluffy: "HNNNGG, ahhh. Nothing better than taking a dump in the sunlight. Ah shit. It's HER again. Gotta finish up... Ugh! No! It's clinging! Must.shake.off!" OP: "FLUFFY!" Fluffy: "No wait!" OP: "What's that smell...? Fluffy... Not in the garden..." Fluffy: "Aye, get off my back woman. I don't walk in on you when you're doing YOUR business. Freak."

  Heinousness  |  17

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  micahsmommy  |  28

Dang it and here I thought everyone skipped when they were happy. Guess I'll have to find something else to do so I don't look weird. Don't want to be one of those embarrassing mothers.

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