By Uriyahu - / Monday 20 September 2010 22:11 / United States
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  rushiee  |  0

you cant really blame him that even in his drunk state it was YOUR house he crashed into(: you musta been one helluva bitch for him to remember you haha

  moss000100  |  0

what u said makes no sense first of all im pretty sure its not the ops fault for
luving in a crummy neighborhood y cuz mayb the op needed a house a cheap house and this the one he picked and im pretty sure a drunk guy can drive his car anywhere not just in crummy neighborhood

  moss000100  |  0

the driver didnt druve through two house he drove around them him u were actuallu read this and not just ttying to pik put every wrong thing in this fml im sure the op is sorry for not getting hurt i guess the op did deserve it if the op didnt gey hurt i mean whats the point if theese fmls if no one gets hurt (sarcasam)

  xlostwithoutu  |  0

So it would have been perfectly ok for them to hit anyone elses house? Yeah, I realize it sucks. but it doesn't mean it would have been any better if it had hit your neighbors house rather than yours.

  bigblue95  |  0

how wld the other two houses be a barrier. house are on either side of the road and if he was drunk he cld lose control at any time turning in to ur house. unless u live in a complex?


I agree, except there is crying in baseball when a fastball tips off of your bat, flies straight into your knee and proceeds to roll 3/4 of the way down the third baseline. That hurt like a bitch.

  aardvarkish  |  15

Ah, yes! The mother that was taking nude photos with only the Santa Hat on... and we all know that those evaporate on 25 December and don't reappear until 24 December.

Good catch, 40!

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