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  zerobahamut03  |  18

lol let's not go with the "blasting it with piss" approach. I hope you found a way to get it out. id cry if I lost my mp3 player esp I had music on there that I paid for. yes! some people actually pay for their music.

  tweetbaby14  |  18

it's not that hard I was able to fix a broken vaccum with a wire hanger, a wooden dowel, and a butter knife( don't ask lol)! OP get your lazy ass up and get your iPod back!

  Siji  |  18

Agreed ^ Where theres a will, theres a way. I know if I dropped this iPhone into that predicament, I'd be getting it back.

  DenBriZel  |  18

I would love to pay for my music. But some of us want to enjoy music and don't have the money to pay $1 per song. I'd be hundreds of dollars out.

  pancake_mixx  |  9

DAMN. Crap iPod. anyways, I meant to post this. #4 So... it's nighttime over where I am, and your picture, for some reason, scared the living shit out of me. Thanks :]

  o3livi0us1  |  5

Actually, an iPod Touch should be fine with a magnet. I had to use one to get my iPhone out of a storm drain at one point and it's fine. I've also had it get stuck to the magnet of a car topper from the pizza delivery place I used to work. That's actually what gave me the idea to use one to get it out of the drain.

  OneyNG  |  5

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  Igniculus  |  6

"Too poor"? How is a person with an iPod too poor to get it back? And is being poor even a contributing factor? Clean up on aisle seven; we have a brain leak.

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