By livingstonjamie / Tuesday 13 January 2015 08:28 / Australia - Hampton
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By  mysteryguy3039  |  31

Better late than never

  adrian1910  |  14

How are pools relevant to tax dollars.

By  mysteryguy3039  |  31

Better late than never

By  frerik  |  9

Well, what happened? ^^

By  Alchemist_21  |  25

Making a clone army was probably higher on their priority list than inspecting your pool.

By  adameeo  |  21

That's what happens to you then

By  AGB10  |  19

Maybe the council worker took a bus that was supposed to arrive 10 years ago - did you ask?;)

  gobiteme2  |  34

How do you know if it passed or not. It doesn’t say what kind of pool, if it was an above ground pool it could have been recycled already into a bike seat for the inspector.


Today, I went out in a storm to collect my wheelie bin, which had flown down the street. On the way back to my house, I realised my door had slammed shut and locked behind me. That's okay though, a trampoline decided to smash my window and let me in. FML

By mattdevil / Thursday 8 December 2011 18:57 / United Kingdom
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