By Anonymous - / Friday 24 August 2012 21:10 / United Kingdom - Walsall
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  Goldenchest  |  14

Maybe you should be more concerned about a ghost outbreak...

  SlayerElite  |  1

I am happy that most people in are modetn society are prepared and know what to do in a zombie apocoloypse. i have hope that we could survive and take back the world when it happens.

  Dro4200  |  2

A baseball bat will help zombies dont move fast like in the new dawn of the dead. Rigornortis has already set in so their body is 100% stiff an hard for them to move so they slow.

  killdozer1  |  2

A bat would break after just a few kills, if even. A sledgehammer would be better. Also, always keep a gun with at least two bullets on you at all times. If you go out, make sure the zombie that bit you goes too.

  TBelle4Ever  |  15

It you want to know what would be the best weapon to use, you need to read Max Brooks book. It's called The Zombie Survival Guide: Protection From the Living Dead. I read it and all I can say is that I'm prepared, but will you be?

  Jiplo  |  18

actually, I believe a baseball bat would work just fine. I found this one YouTube series called ZombieGoBoom. it's pretty damn awesome.

By  jjmiller1001  |  17

What a loser! FYL

  Yorih  |  19

Though batting the crap out of the Zombie's head might do something... However, anything more than a couple, just a bat and you'd be screwed

  SlayerElite  |  1

xombies come from reanimated flesh, so if the skin can regenerate like the brian, then new skin eould constantly burn, now you have flaming zombies, you made a bad situation, worse.
way to go.

  supportcommand  |  17

Walking dead was a movie produced by zombies to make you think that. There's no way you can fight off a gang of zombies with a bat. You're fucked. Automatic weapons, and explosives are the only choice for me. You can join my gang but you'll be the first to get eaten.

  deadmoron1  |  1

Baseball bats are designed to be able to hit a small, hard object traveling at speeds upwards of 80 mph multiple times. One should be more than capable of crushing some zombie skulls.

  TheDrifter  |  23

Stopping zombies requires severe trauma to the brain or decapitation. Edged weapons are only effective if you're strong enough to manage that first strike, every time. A bat on the other hand will knock them down and buy you time even if the blow wasn't hard enough to pulp their brain pan.

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