By Anonymous - / Wednesday 7 November 2012 15:44 / United States
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By  mikeofthunder  |  13

Yikes! Well at least you're both ok :-)

  perdix  |  29

#28, well, the boyfriend could have been gored to death for all we know. Some people's "I told you so" attitude is so strong, it supercedes death.

By  perdix  |  29

A set of bullhorns?

Why does he need a set? I have only one bullhorn and I use it to walk around my neighborhood in the wee hours and tell everyone my political and theological views. After the security patrol tases me and confiscates it, I just yell. These people need the message!

  AholeCop  |  11

If you had a set...you could continue using the horn after the security patrol confiscates one...Her boyfriend is obviously the plan ahead type.

By  kyleekay  |  25

Why in the world would he do that in the first place? Is that some sort of decoration for people now?

By  LemonandLime  |  13

Your comment's rating.

  Noxialis  |  9

#31 - I personally prefer dolls to follow me around with their eyes over the alternative. Imagine how creepy it'd be to have a doll categorically avoid eye contact.

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