By Anonymous - / Friday 21 August 2015 19:02 / United States - Minneapolis
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By  pixigem  |  15

If you have a husband that thinks so negatively of you, you guys should talk. It won't get better by ignoring it, be honest and open about your feelings, don't lie it'll only get worse!


But what a great plan!!!

  teyyoshi  |  19

I wonder what she did to her beloved husband ...

  ordon  |  14

I'll never understand why it's funny for straight marriages to be considered horrible or a trap, or for the spouses to hate each other.

By  Hauclir  |  14

What did you do for him to have such thoughts?

By  rivimatt  |  20

Now let him overhear you talking about how to cover up murdering your husband.

By  sarcasmine  |  19


By  khoov19  |  20

WOW, what a great guy!!!!!

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