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By  Keevarou  |  16

Some people have a really dirty mind. You could always have clarified that you was just drumming your thigh and not masturbating, and I thought there was a decent difference in the sound produced.. Fyl

  Keevarou  |  16

Sirin, Alan, didi? Sorry to ask for a favor again, I just found out that talking to a person while commenting on a FML is a bad idea, so would be nice if you deletes the comment I made :)

  PuffDaddy395  |  3

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By  spottyblanket  |  8

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In a musical, Op would keep making beats while masterbating, then start rapping/singing. "Masterbating in the bathroom! Cause you think I'm a creep When I'm only making beats Well now I'm making beats while I'm beating my meat Now everybody thinks I'm a creep!"

  Keattles  |  14

17- why would anyone care if he was at his house "drumming on his thighs?" I think OP would only think this because he is at a public place or somewhere other than home.


Ok not that I make it a habit of listening to people in the bathroom but when I hear farting noises I try and hurry up and get done. I do not want to get stuck smelling someone caught in a shit storm.

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